Mint Investments partners establish a fund for rental housing


The partners of Mint established a fund called MINT residential fund SICAV, acting on behalf of the sub-fund MINT I residential sub-fund SICAV. This sub-fund is focused on rental housing and its goal is to invest in economically strong domestic agglomerations - especially in Prague and Brno.

In the Czech Republic, this is the very first fund for small investors focused on rental housing. The sub-fund has already acquired its first acquisition: the Mint Living Brno Campus project in the South Moravian metropolis for more than CZK 500 million, which offers 120 mostly small apartments as well as office and retail space. All apartment buildings that the sub-fund acquires in the future will fall under the single Mint Living brand. MINT I. residential sub-fund SICAV is an open sub-fund intended for the general public with a targeted performance of 4 – 5 % per year. However, the founders of the subfund expect even higher appreciation, at the level of 6-9 % per year. The sub-fund offers investors monthly liquidity and monthly asset revaluation. The minimum investment is 500 crowns. The value of one investment share was 1 crown at the end of October 2020. "Our long-term goal is to be a leader in the dynamically developing segment of modern rental housing."


Wenceslas Square
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Zámocká 32 – 811 01, Bratislava

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